Monday, June 1, 2009

How To Tie A Necktie

I am one of the few people who got some dilemma on tying a necktie. So I thought of posting one in my blog to keep it handy for me and for others who needed the same help. Lawschool blogger is a big help with the steps below.

Goodluck with that tie.

How to tie a Half Windsor
1. Situate the tie so that the end "A" is longer than end "B" and cross "A" over "B".
2. Bring "A" up around and behind "B".
3. Bring "A" up.
4. Pull "A" up and through the loop.
5. Bring "A" around front, over "B" from left to right.
6. Again bring "A" up and through the loop.
7. Bring "A" down through the knot infront.
8. Using bothe hands, tighten the knot and draw up to collar.

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Ronald said...

The most useless piece of article of clothing a man wears, what function or purpose does it serve??

Izzhy said...

heheh accessories!

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